Welcome to ServeCentral—

your web-based solution for Service of Process. Our goal is to reduce your labor, direct costs and time for tracking, managing and delivering your Service of Process, while increasing your visibility and knowledge about your Service of Process—becoming your single source solution at your fingertips.

It’s simple. It’s nationwide. It’s accessible anytime. Our product manages the workflow of your Service of Process so you don’t have to. Designed by legal professionals, our web-based application serves as a portal to distribute, track, communicate, document and manage ALL your Service of Process functions so you, or your Process Server, can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Serve Central Video Overview

Our Vision: Increase the speed and visibility to Serve Process while significantly reducing time and costs.

Our Approach: Keep it simple—leverage technology, listen to your needs, and put it at your fingertips.

Our Goal: To reduce your labor, direct costs, and time for delivering, tracking, managing, and billing your Service of Process.